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Prairie Valley Employee Update - July

July 11, 2013
Iowa legislative sessions have traditionally addressed education-related issues. Consequently, we have new educational provisions each year. Here are a few items from this year’s session.
Virtual Learning
Iowa Learning Online (ILO) received $1.5 million for each of the next three fiscal years. The funding is intended to expand virtual learning opportunities for public and non-public school districts. The funding will expand curriculum offerings to include all courses required to be taught in Iowa high schools.
ILO website is:
Iowa Teacher Career and Compensation
HF 215 established a statewide teacher leadership system. The program will be phased in over four years. The Department will provide Planning Grants to all Iowa districts in September 2013. All districts will be asked to apply for the Planning Grant. During the planning year, the DE will establish criteria and a process for application and approval of locally designed teacher leadership and compensation plans. One-third of Iowa districts will receive grants for the 2014-15 school year. The funding is estimated at $310 per student. The program provides districts with three options for developing a teacher leadership and compensation plan.

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Safety at School

Keep your child safe and sound on the big yellow bus.
Many children ride the bus to school every day. But how many of them know about its potential dangers? From boarding the bus to crossing the street, it's important that kids take safety precautions. Keep your child safe by teaching him these seven safety tips:

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News Article - July

News Article – WGS
Prairie Valley CSD and Southeast Webster Grand CSD are neighbors sharing a tradition of excellence in education. As neighbors do in Iowa, the school districts share teachers to offer a range of courses for students and help out when needed. ..except on the playing fields. We have remained rivals in athletics, but think how strong we would be with combined teams!
During the 2013-14, the two districts will be sharing several teachers. Sharon Jaeschke will be a shared math teacher. Bianca Bell will be teaching science in both districts. Lisa Coder will be teaching vocal music in both districts. In addition, Ann Albert will be working with library/media in both districts. Lois Irwin will be working with both districts to implement the Iowa Core Curriculum.

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Declining Enrollment

Declining Enrollment
The single most important factor in operating a school in a sound fiscal manner is a stable enrollment.  One of the current problems facing most of Iowa's rural schools is a declining enrollment.

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