210.5 - Notice of Meetings


 Public notice of regular or special meetings of the Board shall be provided by posting the agenda on a bulletin Board at the central administration office.  Notice shall be given at least 24 hours prior to the beginning of each meeting and shall include the time, date, place, and tentative agenda.  Notice shall be provided to the news media who have requested it.  The news media list will be revised annually by the Board secretary. 
 Notice of the call of a special meeting shall be given to each Board member in writing and mailed to his/her home at least 24 hours before the meeting.  The notice shall specify the time, date, place, and tentative agenda of the meeting.  Attendance at the special meeting shall constitute a waiver of notice.  As with regular meetings, the media who have requested notification will be provided with it.
 An emergency meeting may be called with less than 24-hour notice when the Board is required to meet for good cause to take immediate action.  In an emergency, when it is not possible to give 24 hours notice, the Board secretary will notify the media who have requested notification, by telephone, and post the meeting notice as far in advance of the meeting as possible.  The minutes of an emergency meeting shall clearly state the good cause justifying the emergency meeting.

ADOPTED: April 12, 1993   
REVIEWED: February 20, 1995       
                 December 16, 1997
                  February 18, 2008
REVISED: December 19, 2002